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Aleksandar Stevanovic

Professional Potter & Permaculture Enthusiast

About Me

Aleksandar Stevanović is a professional potter who lives in Vranje, Serbia. He is a big fan of climatology, microclimatology, and meteorology, and he has read a lot about it. He is particularly interested in locating areas with favorable microclimates and researching methods for improving the microclimate. Furthermore, he is a big fan of Mediterranean plant species and is interested in experimenting with growing these species in a moderate climatic zone, as well as growing the usual species for the mentioned climate and advancing their growth with the help of better microclimatic conditions.

You can purchase Aleksandar's book titled Permaculture & Ideal Microclimate on Amazon.com

Areas of Expertise

Regenerative Agriculture
Permaculture Education
Soil Health
Ecological Restoration
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    Creating the Ideal Microclimate

    This work was graciously provided by Aleksandar Stevanovic as a summarized version of his book: Permaculture & Ideal Microclimate, available…