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Audrey Jones

Gardening Consultant & Speaker

About Me

Audrey Jones was born and raised in Central Florida. She is the past President/Director of Central Florida Fruit Society. Audrey attended Hungerford Prep High School’s Agricultural Biotechnology program in Eatonville FL as well as Valencia College's Sustainable Agriculture Plant Science program. With over a decade of experience in all aspects of farming and food production including crop selection, propagation, installation and maintenance, harvest, processing, and marketing, Audrey has worked with Valencia College and several local food and gardening businesses to create and enhance education, marketing, operation, and development strategies. Audrey has had the pleasure of owning and operating her own farmer’s market stand named Second Breakfast at Audubon Park Community Market since 2009 where she educates customers about her handmade, artisan local food products, in-season local fruit harvests and unique edible and fruiting plants. Audrey’s business has also been featured in Edible Orlando magazine.

Areas of Expertise

Market Gardening
Permaculture Education
Nursery Operations
Edible Landscaping
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