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daniel dimov

Daniel Dimov

Certified Permaculture Designer and Teacher

About Me

Growing up in the foothills of the mountains, I enjoyed the vast landscapes and breathtaking views offered by the land. I grew up close to the earth so when I had to relocate into the city, I got involved in lots of community gardens and grassroots organizations in an effort to keep my hands as dirty as possible. This slowly evolved into a realization that this would be my safe space. A steward of the land. Not much makes sense to me in this world apart from the forest and the unfathomable connection between its members. The silent cooperation and resilient persistence of the wilderness. I have been knee-deep in the garden for the last 12 years observing, listening, digging, planting, growing and understanding what it means to be a member of a system which is time tested, a system which enriches itself with each cycle, a system which supports insurmountable amounts of biodiversity as a standard.

I cant put words to feelings when I try to articulate the vast, silent, richness nature offers us and it humbles me every time I interact with her. This is why I have devoted myself to trying to understand her, protect her and share her story with all eager to listen.

I share my experience and story at two organizations currently. The first is a food cooperative which aims to connect the producers to the end consumer without all the middlemen. Also the highest principle we hold there is to support the production of ecologically clean food which is at least sustainable, but optimally enriching the environment.

The second organization is still in the infant stages of its development. “TerraLife Solutions” was created to provide a method in bringing back the biology in our soils. The soils which are exploited every season by monoculture and capitalism. The soils which get sprayed and artificially fertilized to no end. We are a small group of devoted, like minded individuals who have come together to bend and break the social norms of conventional agriculture.

I feel quite comfortable with the biomes of the temperate climate, mostly cause I have lived in them for most of my life. Although, I am forever blessed to have lived in the honorable Kingdom of Hawa'i. There, I felt like an infant in regards to not recognizing any of the fauna and flora around me. Time and experience there steeped me in the tropical climates and ecosystems. I am endlessly grateful for the friends there who have supported my growth and for being by my side through these life-changing realizations, growth and opportunities for learning.

After traveling around the old and new world, being a part of as a student and later on as an organizer and facilitator of permaculture courses, I felt the most direct action everyone could benefit from was if I planted a food forest. I started my first food forest when I was 22 years old. 12 years later, she is something I am deeply rooted to, the forest is growing and I couldn't be more thrilled to see the once barren wheat field with no topsoil and complete lack of symbiotic associations, now is teeming with life, small mammals and even a buck gnawing on the hazels, not to mention ant colonies which farm parasol mushrooms.. Mmmm, I speak for the trees when I say we all need more polyculture agroforestry which supports natural wildlife and biodiversity.

Areas of Expertise

Permaculture Education
Soil Building
Food Forest Design
Ecological Restoration
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