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jackson knights

Jackson Knights

Permaculture Consultant

I have always been fascinated by different ecosystems and environments, and the art and science of growing. I have learned, practiced and observed the more natural forms of food production in a variety of environments. Mainly in Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, India, Portugal, and Spain, but also many places in between.

My strengths lay within my localised experience working within the environments where I grew up, and the places I have lived and visited. These are mainly warmer climates such as the tropics, subtropics and now the mediterranean. I enjoy the variety of possibilities and challenges in these climates, and continue to explore and discover techniques and opportunities for us to coexist, relate, and adapt to them.

I have a background in Horticulture, and many years of working on the land in a practical sense. My approach is to design and implementation is very hands-on. My belief is that we are all designers, and we have the ability to create more efficiency as elements evolve. My intentions are to collaborate with those wanting to make impactful regenerative projects, helping people to make informed decisions with confidence, while gaining a better understanding of their surroundings.

Areas of Expertise

Regenerative Agriculture
Food Forest Design
Nursery Operations
Soil Health
Urban Permaculture
Water Harvesting Systems
Greywater Management
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