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Meagan Elaine

Homesteader, Self-Sufficiency Teacher, & Freelance Writer

About Me

“We can fast track our path towards sustainability when we work together to create and inspire change.”

I am a sustainable lifestyle and self-sufficiency teacher and freelance writer. I am also certified in whole foods nutrition.

Through a full circle of healthy living, I help families transform their lives with natural and sustainable methods for home and health.

I’ve been practicing health and nutrition for over two years now. I have lived off-grid, homesteaded, and practiced a sustainable healthy food lifestyle for over a decade.

With my education combined with my experience and passion, I have dedicated my life towards helping others find a connection back to nature.


I teach and write about lifestyle habits, including:

  • homestead basics
  • growing food
  • natural gardening methods
  • cooking and preserving whole foods
  • renewable energy
  • off-grid living basics
  • natural self-care skills.A healthy and sustainable living practice will change your life and health forever.

Areas of Expertise

Renewable Energy Systems
Water Harvesting Systems
Food Preservation
Organic Gardening