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tanya meftah

Tanya Meftah

Permaculture Educator

About Me

Tanya Meftah has been contributing to sustainability in Vietnam since studying abroad in Ho Chi Minh City in 2010. After graduating from University of Michigan with a degree in South East Asians studies, Tanya came back to work as the managing director for a non profit, Smile Group. She then founded HCMC's first urban gardening social enterprise, Green Youth Collective.  GYC hosted over 100 workshops, planted over 10,000 SQM of gardens in the city and was the impetus for the growing environmental movement in Viet Nam.

Tanya now leads the Wholistik Permaculture team in developing educational programs, leading workshops and consulting on local projects. Wholistik Permaculture focuses on deep sustainability, empowering schools, individuals and business to go beyond surface level solutions and design systems that work in harmony with nature.


At Wholistik, we work closely with clients to design a sustainable system that fits their needs. This process starts with an in depth interview assessing the clients short term and long term goals. 

Our approach is to apply whole systems thinking combined with the three main permaculture ethics: People Care, Earth Care, Create Surplus to create a powerful design.

We work to design strong ecosystems with lots of connections to ensure that the energy yield is maximized for you and the environment's well-being. 


Interested in applying permaculture principles to your project but don't know where to start? We are happy to help.  As consultants we will work with our client to help them design their project based off of permaculture ideas. 

Not ready to design a big system? Start small and slowly add. We can help you accomplish sustainable practice in certain areas such as water, waste manage, energy, food production. 


Wholistik specializes in working with schools to deeply integrate sustainable practices into daily life . From leading hands-on workshops to developing interactive natural spaces , we love facilitating contextual and inquisitive learning.

Working alongside educators, we empower schools to bring a sustainable vision to life. Find out what we can do for your school.

Areas of Expertise

Permaculture Education
Soil Building
Seed Saving
Food Forest Design
Natural Building
Nursery Operations
Water Harvesting Systems
Greywater Management
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