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Samiksha Lohar

Permaculture Designer

About Me

I am a Certified Permaculture Designer & Teacher. I have worked on different permaculture projects and landscape designs in different locations. I have experience in integrated & multilayer farming, regenerative landscape designing, converting lawns to sustainable food forest/edible & productive spaces and setting up urban permaculture/ edible gardens. My interest lies in designing low-waste & energy-efficient sustainable landscapes that require minimal human intervention, thus focusing on soil building, water harvesting, native species restoration, multilayer space utilisation & more. Raised on a regenerative farm, I have 20+ years of unlearning, learning & growing with local & indigenous communities.

Areas of Expertise

Regenerative Agriculture
Soil Building
Seed Saving
Food Forest Design
Urban Permaculture
Water Harvesting Systems
Live Fencing
Edible Landscaping
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