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timothee mendez

Timothee Mendez

Environmental Scientist, Mushroom Specialist, Freelance Writer

About Me

I am a 28 year old Naturalist, Agricultural Specialist, and Author whom loves to share their knowledge to the world. I sincerely believe that writing Environmental Content provides valuable information important to the cultural transformation needed to stabilize our Climate and reduce our environmental impact.

I was raised in California and currently travel the world exploring rare ecosystems, studying traditional/modern agricultural techniques, and building a network of like-minded environmentally conscious individuals.

I have volunteered in countless Environmental Focused projects in North and Central America and continue to do so as a way of life. I currently support myself through eco-tourism work, private education, consulting, and writing content for private clients.

My expertise includes

  • Agriculture. Permaculture, Home Gardening and Everything In-between.
  • Botany, Mycology, Soil Science and general Ecology.
  • Sustainability and Alternative Living
  • Photography
  • Fluent in English and Spanish

Areas of Expertise

  • bamboo forest


    From construction to carpentry and everyday crafts, no plant provides a more versatile resource than the many varieties of bamboo.…
  • lemon grass

    Lemon Grass

    There isn’t anything quite like the sweet, sweet, aroma of Lemon Grass. You can make it into teas, add it…
  • avocado on tree


    Introduction Of the thousands of fruits fit for human consumption none is quite like the glorious avocado. It’s creamy, buttery,…
  • cassava plant in the farm


    Cultivation of Cassava Cassava, also known as Yuca or Manioc, is a bountiful crop that is unceasing with generosity. There's…
  • farmer hold fresh sweet potato product in wood basket with green

    Sweet Potato

    Sweet Potatoes are a delicious and cherished food. They’re comforting, nourishing, and make any occasion homely. They’re an ingredient that…
  • taro plants in hanalei valley in kauai


    Capturing the magnificence of Taro with words is no easy task. It’s a culturally significant plant that is cultivated around…
  • overhead view of a star gooseberry plant leaves


    Katuk is a delightful perennial for anyone practicing permaculture or regenerative agriculture in tropical climates. It is fast-growing, robust, and…
  • field full of tiny arachis pintoi flower.

    Perennial Peanut

    Peanut Grass: A Wonderful Tropical Ground Cover Some of the most useful plants used in permaculture are not large, luscious,…
  • breadfruit tree


    The Magnificent Breadfruit Few plants grant abundance and food security like the mighty Breadfruit. It is a long-lived tropical tree…
  • golden berry (6)

    Poha Berry

    Golden Berries are delicious tangy fruits that make a fabulous addition to any garden. You may also know them as…
  • cranberry hibiscus flowering

    Cranberry Hibiscus

    Cranberry Hibiscus is a plant that is easy to fall in love with. It's beautiful, tasty, and in the proper…
  • mexican sunflower

    Mexican Sunflower

    Mexican Sunflower: Green Manure and Perennial Biomass Mexican Sunflower is an amazing plant to include into any permaculture system located…
  • chaya plant


    Chaya: The Mayan Superfood Chaya is a leafy perennial shrub valued for its nutrient dense foliage and resilient growth. It…
  • banana tree with green fruits


    More Than A Fruit: Bananas There is almost no plant more valuable to a tropical permaculture system than the many…
  • mushroom cultivation (1)

    Establishing an Outdoor Mushroom Garden

    Mushrooms In the Food Forest Incorporating mushrooms into a permaculture design is something many people dream about. It's this idea…