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Noelle Dronen

Holistic Farmer

About Me

Our farm garden is built on sandy soil and framed by trees - mostly conifers, though there is an Old Growth "Mama Oak" in the woods, a scattering of fruit trees, and some Maples who have been very generously sharing their sap with us over the last few winters.  We get lots of visits from wild turkeys, hummingbirds, and, for better or worse, woodchucks and rabbits.

Using a combination of mulches, composted manure, foliar sprays, cover crops, and minimal tillage, we have already come a long way in building up the health, vitality, and organic matter of our soil.  Though not certified Organic, we abide by the organic standards, use no synthetic chemicals, and do our best to get what inputs we need (seeds, manure, soil mixes) from sources we trust.  We're excited to continue learning and experimenting - this is a lifelong pursuit - and draw our techniques and our ethics from a number of farmers, philosophers, and personal mentors we admire.  We're quite happy to talk to people about our approach; we geek out on it, in fact!

Inspired to live simply (and playfully) and share our abundance, we've been making a livelihood at this place we call NOKA for 7 years now.  2022 marks the sixth year of our CSA here.  Farmer Noelle has been farming for over 12 years, splitting that time between Washington and Michigan, and picking up knowledge and skills from several farms, ranging from a small-scale biointensive operation to a 40 acre CSA with over 300 members.  The NOKA CSA is a great opportunity to blend those experiences -  the practices, the efficiencies, the values - into an approach that fits well with our land and our lives.

We continue to cultivate our skills in farming, carpentry, food preservation, beekeeping, herbalism, and wildcrafting.  We also enjoy running, playing music, writing, and eating our weight in popcorn.

Areas of Expertise

Market Gardening
Permaculture Education
Soil Health
Food Preservation
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